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Our Acknowledgement Assistant Privacy Policy

Our Team has always work for you provides best Search Results in every new queries search by the users and you trust with google custom search engine for best and accurate finding to the answers of the different questions ask from our Search Engine. 

When using a Google Custom Search Engine and a Google Account, the respective privacy policies of Google apply. You can use our custom services for best fast browsing internet web sites, blogs, finding health tips, marketing information, technological or science development queries or many more with Google Acknowledgement Assistant there are many different ways to use our services Share and Search information, as fast, accurate, reliable more valuable and much more results you can get with googleaa.com . 

The Google Custom Search Engine is the definition which sites to search and how to rank pages can be hosted by Google so called "hosted CSE" or by the other third party website quicksear.ch . Googleaa (Acknowledgement Assistant): Our Search Engine is a custom designed user friendly source powered by the Google which to show you more relevant search results and ads, to help you connected with more and more people and making new friends or sharing a information quickly and easier.

As you use our online cutom Search engine you required a bookmark our Engine Web Site www.googleaa.com then you always properly user our services. We don't required to receive your privacy or personal and any other user identification information. We also not to user any kind of cookie cutter or any web browsing history on our data base because our Search Engine (Googleaa) is base on the development of Google designed Custom Engine Services for the every users. Other thing is that we monitor the users only thought the google analytics information or key search's by the visitors and we protect the users privacy without any data base or any recording of identification manner. 

How We Improve Our Custom Search Engine Services

Information we collect from the Google Analytics:

We collect information for google analytic to provide better services to all of our users and provide fast better queries answer results for a slow or low bandwidth countries network and internet connections. You can search related with the any kind of social, commercial, advertisement, educations, laws, health, pharmaceutical, transportation, public media and much more queries you find on the same time.

Our Policy Terms:

Google Acknowledgement Assistant is the Custom made Search Engine provided by the Google and the www.Googleaa.com is not responsible for any kind of damages or any kind of personal data show off, users leagle information's stolen or leakages in public. We recommend you to read their privacy policy carefully.

Our Understanding About Public

We Don't misuse of this online CSE Services for illegality or other unwanted matters. We made carefully changes on our Custom websites www.googleaa.com rr up-to date with the google modifications timely. According to our policy that provides every end users with clear and comprehensive search of queries, information, news, all types of answers search by the users keywords.